Artificial Turf for Tennis Courts

Artificial turf tennis courts


Artificial grass is the best surface to play on. Artificial turf is the best surface for tennis because it provides many added benefits like consistency, increased performance, and much more.

The Rich History of Turf Tennis Courts

Since the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club held its first championship in 1877 at Wimbledon, grass courts were associated with competitive, professional tennis. However, these courts became difficult to maintain since they require weeding, mowing, watering, and more. Real grass courts are also easily torn up by gameplay and often need holes patched up.

Because of these issues, most major championship tennis courts adopted different playing surfaces. Clay and hard courts replaced natural grass courts worldwide, including at the US, French, and Australian Open. 

Hard surface and clay courts have their own challenges. These courts overheat quickly in the sun and become slick when it rains. Plus, hard surface tennis courts are harder on players’ joints. After years of repetitively landing on this surface after a serve or swing, tennis players risk developing joint problems.

With artificial grass tennis courts, players and matches benefit from a surface that recreates the look, feel, and bounce of real grass courts.

Artificial Grass Wins the Match Against Other Tennis Court Surfaces

Choosing between artificial grass and traditional tennis courts is a no brainer. Artificial grass offers an easy to maintain playing surface that consistently outperforms traditional courts in a side by side comparison. These courts replicate the look and feel of natural grass without costly maintenance. With an artificial grass tennis court, all players benefit from the following:


Artificial grass tennis courts reduce impact on tendons and joints. Unlike hard surface tennis courts, artificial is better able to absorb shock and doesn’t develop divots like live grass. Plus, artificial turf tennis courts reduce slide, giving players reliable footing.


Artificial grass courts have superior drainage to keep them from flooding and advanced cooling technology to keep the surface comfortable under the summer sun. These courts remain playable all year long, so players can enjoy matches no matter the weather.

Low Maintenance

Artificial turf tennis courts don’t require costly maintenance like natural grass tennis courts. Instead of spending time and money keeping the court playable, the focus can be on enjoying the sport.

Our Turf

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can tennis be played on artificial grass?

Yes! Artificial grass is a great surface for tennis because it’s comfortable, weather resistant, and always stays green.

Are synthetic grass tennis courts good?

Synthetic grass tennis courts replicate the look and feel of natural grass without the hassle of maintenance. These courts stay green all year round and are resistant to weather changes.

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