Need an easy way to make extra money?

You can become an artificial grass remnant retailer with little to no overhead and start making money in 8 easy steps!

$375 per day

You could be making an average of $375 per day selling artificial grass remnants!

Average Remnant Size

The average remnant piece is 150 square feet and costs an average of just $1 per square foot.

Average Profit

The average remnant piece sells for $1.50 per square foot, giving you an average profit of $75.50 per remnant sold.

Average Income

Our remnant retailers make an average profit of $375 per day just by selling artificial grass remnants.

We’re offering a little-to-no overhead opportunity with a high profit margin!

You can be selling turf for a profit in just 8 easy steps!


We provide you with training to set you on the right track to running a successful business or side project.


We will deliver your artificial grass remnants to your location that you will be selling your products from.


When the product is delivered, you can use a forklift (optional) to unload the artificial grass remnants.


After your product is unloaded, you will have a selection of inventory ready to sell to customers.


Now that you have inventory, you will use what you learned in your training to advertise your product to potential customers.


Once your ads begin to gain traction, you will begin to get leads from customers that are interested in your products.


Now is the fun part! Your customer will come to your location where you will meet them and finalize the deal.


Once the deal is finalized, you will load their artificial grass remnants and walk away with a happy customer and a profit.


Selling artificial grass remnants is an easy way to make money with low overhead and high profit margins, however you must meet a few simple requirements in order to get started.


You will need to purchase artificial grass remnants at our discounted price.

Storage Space

You will need a space no smaller than at least 16′ x 30′ to store your remnants.


The forklift is optional but highly recommended for moving products.


You will need internet to advertise your product and connect with customers.


You will need to pass your interview and meet all other requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Remnants

A roll of artificial grass that is 300 square feet or smaller.

Can I buy a few remnant pieces from you?

No. We only sell artificial grass remnants in bulk.

Who buys remnants?

Customers looking for a deal to complete their artificial grass project.

What is the bulk quanity that remnant pieces are sold in?

10,000 square feet is the minimum amount artificial grass remnant pieces that we will sell.

What platform do you use for marketing?

This will be discused in your training after a non-disclosure agreement is signed.

Will there be more remnants to purchase after my first order?

Yes. Due to custom project sizing, we have a consistent rotation of remnant inventory available.

What if a customer would like to buy a larger piece of artificial grass?

We will connect you with the right dealer to purchase a larger piece.

How do I become a dealer instead of just a remnant retailer?

If you are interested in becoming a dealer instead of selling remnants, you can go to our become a dealer page for more information.

Want to make extra cash in the turf business without a large cash investment?

We started by purchasing remnants (liquidated products) and selling them through free marketing platforms. Our team was able to build a very small investment into a successful business in only 8 years. You now have the opportunity to do the same thing, or to just make some extra cash on the side. If you are interested in making some extra money, click the button below to fill out the form to get the conversation started!

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