Turf Distributors has developed and launched an exclusive new backing for its artificial grass products!  CoolFlow™ is designed to reduce ambient heat, rapidly drain high quantities of water, and dry faster than standard artificial turf. This proprietary technology creates unique opportunities for Turf Distributors exclusive distribution partners nationwide.

CoolFlow™ is rapidly becoming the installer’s choice

CoolFlow™ is Turf Distributors’ most adaptable product yet! This backing CoolFlow™ is engineered to reduce ambient temperature, so that turf backings stay cool to the touch and easy to work with. As a result, CoolFlow™ is rapidly becoming the installer’s choice for artificial grass backings!

Turf Distriburtors’ latest innovation features a water permeable, non-perforated backing engineered to be quick drying, and suitable for countless applications. Its high flow rate quickly wicks away liquids, making it ideal for wet weather and applications that require fast drainage! This exciting new technology also makes cleaning up after pets quick and easy. CoolFlow™’s helps turf dry fast so it’s ready always for pet playtime!

This one-of-a-kind artificial grass backing is now available on select Turf Distributors products. CoolFlow™ is the wet weather ready, pet friendly, installer preferred product customers have been waiting for. You won’t find this technology anywhere else!

About Turf Distributors

Turf Distributors is the nation’s leading artificial turf supplier! They have products for every possible customer need — including residential yards, commercial landscaping, sports and more!

The Artificial Grass Designers at Turf Distributors have skillfully created the look of living grass with innovative new technologies, DuraBlade™, EvoScape™, and CoolFlow™. The result is artificial grass with unmatched realism, plush feel, and durability backed by up to 16-year warranties!

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