Turf Distributors Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your products different than the others?
Turf Distributors’ products are created by utilizing the highest quality materials and cutting edge manufacturing techniques. This enables us to offer product warranties for up to 16 Years! Our wide variety of products ensure you’ll find a product for any project!
Does turf get hot to walk on?
It will get warm on the hottest summer day but not too hot to enjoy barefoot. You can easily cool turf by briefly misting it with water.
Does it smell if my pet pees on it?
It could if you don’t properly maintain it. This is best avoided by periodically rinsing/flushing areas where your pet urinates. We offer a deodorizing infill that minimizes any pet odors from starting.
How long does the turf last?
Our Synthetic turf products have a 20 – 25 year life span.
Does it have lead in it?
None! All of our products are 100% lead free!
Does it drain?
Very well! Almost all our products have pencil size drainage holes throughout the backing. Only some products like putting greens do not have the “extra” drainage holes. Water will still drain through products such as these just not as fast.
Can I put it over cement?
How wide are the rolls?
We have rolls that come 12, 13, and 15 feet in width
Do you custom cut?
Yes we can custom cut “Linear Length” we cannot cut rolls in the middle though.
Where is it made?
Our Domestic line is manufactured and assembled in the United States. Our import is a foreign product that has been tested and is lead free.
When can I get it?
Today! We make it our goal to always have turf available for purchase and pick-up.
Do you deliver?
Yes we do! Please call for details.
Do you install?
Yes! Ask us about it. We can connect you with one of our authorized distributors in their area that provides installation services.

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