How Much is Artificial Lawn Installation?

Every day, more and more people are making the switch to artificial grass. Why? Maintaining natural grass is time-consuming and expensive. But artificial turf requires almost no maintenance, saves water, and stays green all year long.

Before deciding to install artificial grass, most buyers will want to know about the associated costs.

How Much Does Installation of an Artificial Lawn Cost?

It can be tricky to nail down the exact cost of installation because it varies from one installer to another and there are so many factors that go into the process, including the cost of materials, hardware, and labor. 

While the initial investment for turf installation is high, artificial turf ultimately saves homeowners money over time, by drastically reducing water use and maintenance costs.

When discussing cost, you might want to remind your customers that it’s not just the price of materials. Labor costs, operational fees, and company overhead are also factored into the cost of artificial grass. If your customers have spent the time and money to select the perfect synthetic grass product for their new lawn, it only makes sense to hire the best installation crew to install the artificial grass.

What Are the Broken Down Costs of Artificial Lawn Installation

It can be difficult to visualize exactly where the money is going when installing artificial grass. So, here’s a rough breakdown of the costs that go into turf installation:

Artificial Grass

We offer artificial grass options for every budget and every project. From forested lawns to perfectly manicured putting greens, TD has turf to match any lifestyle. 

Ultimately, the type of lawn your customer chooses will impact the overall cost of the project. Turf Distributors offers dozens of artificial turf products to meet every project need. We have the perfect lawn for all of your customers, no matter their price point.

Base Material

A class two road base should be laid before installing artificial turf. This material is necessary to create a level base for your turf. 

Weed Barrier Fabric/Gopher Wire

Weed barrier is great for preventing the growth of invasive plant life underneath artificial turf.This is not recommended if you have pets because it can absorb their messes. 

Gopher wire works to prevent gophers from burrowing under your turf and disturbing the surface, helping to keep it looking pristine. 


The price of nails, stakes, and glue will vary depending on the size of the project. Hardware is essential for making sure the turf lawn stays secure. 

Infill Material/Other Accessories

Infill material like silica sand helps to weigh down artificial grass and prevent wrinkles and matting. The most important reason for infill is that it keeps grass standing tall, without it grass will flatten over time. There are many different types of infill material. These all have particular uses, such as antimicrobial infill that’s perfect for dog parks and backyards and silica sand that offers long-lasting support for places like putting greens.  

There are other important accessories your customers may benefit from as well including impact pads and underlayment, which offer added shock absorption, cushion and support for areas like playgrounds, sports fields, and backyards. 

Like the synthetic grass itself, the infill and accessories should be chosen based on your customers’ specific lifestyle. 


An installation company that seems to offer suspiciously low labor costs is usually too good to be true. Labor warranties usually speak to the quality of craftsmanship. 

Other Costs

Fuel, delivery, and disposal costs can all contribute to artificial turf cost. There’s some variation in these costs depending on location. Different cities have their own disposal requirements. The distance trucks have to drive to cart away old grass and soil will impact the cost as well. Some companies may offer discounts or promotions that reduce these costs.

How Do I Learn More About Artificial Grass?

To learn more about artificial grass, visit our FAQs page, or contact us today. We have the answers to all of your most common questions plus resources to help educate you about artificial grass.

Cost to Install an Artificial Lawn – Notes and General Information

The broken down costs and estimates to install artificial grass provided above are based on average work and materials. The cost to install artificial turf will increase with higher quality materials and more experienced professional craftspeople. 

The best possible estimates for artificial grass installation will always come from qualified professionals who can assess the project in person. Be sure to encourage your customers to contact an artificial turf installation expert for an estimate prior to making any major decisions to install artificial grass.

Generally, an artificial turf estimate will include:

  • Cost of material and equipment delivery to the job site
  • Cost of preparing the job site
  • Setup time for equipment

An estimate will not include:

  • Cost of removal or repairs 
  • Cost of testing or remediating hazardous materials
  • Sales tax
  • Permit and inspection fees


What is the cheapest way to install artificial grass?

The cheapest way to install artificial grass is to do it yourself rather than hiring a professional installation company. But while DIY synthetic turf installation may be cheaper, it can be labor-intensive to install turf ranges yourself and costly mistakes can be made.

Is artificial grass worth having?

Artificial grass is a great way to liven up an outdoor space while reducing costs of irrigation and yard work that come with real grass. It can stand up to heavy foot traffic while keeping green and clean all year round.

How much is realistic fake grass?

A quality, realistic fake grass with lifelike artificial turf blades can cost up to $20 per square foot or more. While more expensive, realistic synthetic turf can closely imitate a natural grass lawn. More affordable options cost between $8 and $12 per square foot but can still appear and behave like real grass.