Sink Your Shot With One Less Stroke

Are you giving putting the attention it deserves?


The average American golfer needs 34 putts to achieve an average score of 89. In fact, putting accounts for over 40% of your golf game!


Golf Research Associates founder and the inventor of Strokes Gained Analysis, Peter Sanders, recommends devoting over two thirds of your practice putting time to increasing your 1-putt percentages on short putts and extending your 50% make distance. 


Peter believes you should spend the other third of your practice putting time improving your distance control on lag putts in the 20-50 foot ranges and extending your two-putt distance.

“With the right putting turf, you can transform your yard into a golfer’s paradise!”

You may be thinking, “so now what?” What do you do with that information?


Now that you know what you need to improve your short game, it’s time to make a plan! Start by finding a good environment to practice!

Turf Distributors has the turf you need to shave precious strokes off your short game. With the right putting turf, you can transform your yard into a golfer’s paradise!

Best Putting Greens for All Skill Levels


Are you looking for a simple backyard putting green to enjoy some lazy afternoons or have some fun with the family? If so, Eco 85 Silver will take your yard to the next level! This artificial putting green is affordable, natural looking, and easy to install.


Eco 85 Silver lets you practice putting anytime! It offers the same roll and bounce as a professional golf course, and can be installed indoors, outdoors, and even over concrete. Best of all, it comes backed by a 16 year warranty!


This product is a must have for golf dads everywhere!



But what if you want a more challenging putting green?


Let’s face it, flat putting greens can get boring after a while. But even a gentle slope isn’t enough for an avid golfer. That’s where Dynamic Putt comes in! This putting green’s proprietary FlexGrip backing allows for more challenging installations. Dynamic Putt’s bendable backing can effortlessly cover the contours and angulations of even the trickiest terrain.


With Dynamic Putt’s FlexGrip back, the sky’s the limit! Let your imagination run wild, think hard, and create your dream putting green.


Platinum Putt is the ultimate putting turf! It’s made using cutting edge technology that guarantees reliable performance in almost any conditions. Its specialty backing is non-directional, dimensionally stable, and ensures no excess movement — making it perfect for top level golfers!


Quality artificial putting turf accurately recreates the same roll and bounce found in traditional grass. Great putting turf is able to maintain that same quality of play even after years of heavy use! Platinum Putt uses a dimensionally stable backing in combination with water resistant technology to keep turf intact over time. 


Platinum Putt comes backed by a 16 year warranty, and can be installed indoors, outdoors, and even over concrete!


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