What Is the Fastest Draining Artificial Turf?

Skip the hours of online research! 

We have all the information you need to find the fastest draining turf on the market. We break down the importance of drainage and tell you which fast draining products best match your lifestyle!

Why is drainage important?

#1 It Protects Your Property

Having a fast draining yard protects your home from mud and muck!

Our turf is made with quick draining backings, which we recommend installing over class II road base. That way it won’t become oversaturated and flood during the wet season.

Living grass is planted in dirt, which turns to mud in the wet season — bogging down your yard. Artificial turf blades on the other hand are held firmly together by water permeable backings. So instead of having to worry about mud covering your pets’ paws and mucking up your home, you can kick back and enjoy the Turf Life.

#2 It Reduces Runoff

By converting your grass lawn into a turf yard, you can limit the amount of water that flows off your property. And the water you do use gets quickly filtered into the ground. This is not only environmentally friendly, it also protects you from water waste fines. Here’s how it works.

Artificial turf uses substantially less water than living grass, and it isn’t planted in loose top soil. With turf, you may need to run your hose every now and again to wash off your lawn, but there’s no longer a need for constant irrigation. 

Because of artificial turf’s superior permeability, that little bit of water is quickly drained through your turf’s backings and filtered through class ii road base into the soil below. You’ll no longer have to worry about water pooling at the surface and then spilling onto the street and sidewalk.

What Artificial Turf Drains Fastest?

The Synthetic Turf Council’s standard for water permeability requires that turf products be able to drain ten inches of water per hour or more.

Our Flow series blows this standard out of the water! This product line uses OptimumFlow backings for enhanced drainage. OptimumFlow backings quickly whisks away spills and messes to create a more comfortable living environment for you and your family. They drain up to 10 times faster than a standard turf backing!

Platinum Dream

The Softest Turf on The Market

With a water permeability score of over 264 inches per hour, Platinum Dream is the ultimate in luxury turf! 

Platinum Dream’s soft texture gently cradles the feet as you glide across your lawn, and its diamond blades accurately recreates the appearance of natural grass.

Flow 98 Olive

Ideal for Heavy Use

Flow 98 Olive can drain water at a rate of over 320.9 inches per hour.

This product’s two inch pile height creates a lush, forested look — transforming your yard into a forested meadow!

Flow 75 Forest

Pet Owner Preferred

Featuring a mind bending water permeability score of over 330 inches per hour, Flow 75 Forest can handle practically any mess!

Flow 75 Forest offers a lush pile height and a rich, natural complexion. Its exceptional drainage combines with a stiff blade structure to make cleaning up after pets a breeze!

We Have Even More Lawns to Choose From

We’re just scratching the surface. Turf Distributors carries over two dozen different turf products and has over ten million square feet of turf in stock!

To find the best artificial for your lifestyle, talk to one of our dealers.