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We offer a wide variety of products for every project and budget.


Advanced Technology

Many of our products contain ArmorLoc™ 3L and Silverback™ Technology.


Silverback™ is the strongest backing in the industry, it can handle the strength of 400lbs!

  • Engineered with the most advanced technology
  • Penetrates the yarn system ensuring each yarn is secure.
  • Reduces the risk of wrinkles, expansion or shrinking.
AmorLoc™ 3L

ArmorLoc™ 3L is a tuft bind method which is the strongest in the industry. The tuft bind makes it so the artificial grass can hold up to wear and tear wether it be foot traffic, sports, pets or kids!

This will keep your lawn looking brand new for years to come!


OptimumFlow™ was designed and created to last over the full lifetime of the turf while eliminating the drainage problems commonly seen over time as particles clog the perforations.

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