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Platinum Dream

Turf Distributors Platinum Dream is the most luxurious and softest turf that we offer. The Optimum Flow™ backing is perfect for pets and general clean up due to its quick drain characteristics.

Product Information

Approximate Total Weight: 105.7 oz.

Approximate Pile Height: 1.6 in.

Fiber: Polyethylene Monofilament

Backing: Optimum Flow™

Infill: 1 lbs/psf

Warranty: 16 Years

Roll Width: 15 ft

Yarn Quality: DuraBlade™

Blade Shape: Diamond

Product Testing Information

(ASTM D 5848-20) – Product Weight

Total Product Weight: 105.76 oz/yd²
Pile Yarn Weight: 75.35 oz/yd²

(ASTM D1335-17e1) Tuft Bind Strength

Result: 10.5 lbs/force  |  STC Standard: 6.8 lbs/forceg

(ASTM F2765-14) – Lead Content

Result:  <0.5 mg/Kg  |  STC Standard: <100 mg/Kg

(ASTM D2859-16) – Pill Flammability

Result: 8 out of 8 Pass  |  STC Standard: 7 out of 8 Pass

(ASTM F1551-09) – Water Permeability

Result: 264.1 in/hr | STC Standard: Greater than 10 in/hr

(ASTM G154-16) – UV

Result: Color: 10 / Texture: 10
Ratings are on a grade scale of 1-10; 10 = Neglibible or No Effect

(80993G) – Lisport

Rating Description
1.0 None or Negligible
2.0 Slight
3.0 Moderate
4.0 Considerable
5.0 Severe

Learn more about this product

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Product Installation Photos

Blade Shape – Diamond

Diamond Blade’s silky smooth texture gently hugs feet, while its natural green aesthetic accurately recreates the look of living grass. Diamond blades are recommended for areas with low to medium foot traffic.

Optimum Flow™ Drains 8x Faster

  • Optimum Flow™ Backing: 250" of Water / Hour
  • Standard Backing: 30" of Water / Hour

Optimum Flow™ is our non-perforated backing that will drastically affect the drainage efficiency of your turf. With the new patent-pending Optimum Flow™ backing that increases the drainage rate by approximately 830%, the turf will be cleaner, drier, and free from any unpleasant pet odors.

All Flow Series products are pet approved

Our flow series products were designed with Optimum Flow™ backing to allow easy cleanup due to the high flow rate of the backing. With the flow series, you will be able to clean up after your pet and get them back to playing in your beautiful yard in no time!

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