Artificial Turf for Playground Surfaces

Turf for Playgrounds


Artificial grass is the best option for a variety of applications including playground flooring. It’s soft, durable, low-maintenance, and long-lasting — the perfect grass for playgrounds and energetic children. Synthetic turf is a rapidly growing industry, and you could lead the way by providing top-quality products to residential and commercial playgrounds alike.

Artificial Turf Stands Out as the Best Choice for Playgrounds

From the jungle gym at the local park to their own backyard, children need a safe play area that can withstand daily wear and tear. Standard playground surfaces like asphalt, concrete, and wood chips can lead to injury and degrade over time. Natural grass isn’t ideal for playgrounds, as it can become dry, brown, and patchy with heavy foot traffic.

Artificial grass playground turf is strong. Our DuraBlade™ grass blades are twice as durable as other grades of carbon fiber yarn and more resistant to flattening. When parents and commercial playgrounds invest in synthetic turf, they can enjoy years of use before needing replacement. In addition to its practical playground turf use, your customers will appreciate the vibrant green color and soft, natural feel of synthetic grass.

Benefits of Turf for Playgrounds, Parks, and Backyards

Playground turf should be an easy choice for parks and families, but many of your customers may not know the benefits. Here is how artificial grass can make life easier.

Synthetic Grass Is Easy to Maintain

Unlike mulch, artificial grass doesn’t need to be replaced every year to stay fresh. Artificial playground grass is simple to care for and looks great year-round, for years to come. While it may be a bigger investment up-front, it saves your customer money in the long run.

Playground Turf Is Cleaner

Artificial turf from Turf Distributors has amazing drainage, eliminating mud and puddles that dirty kids’ shoes. Your customers will no longer have to worry about muddy footprints or grass stains indoors.

Artificial Grass Helps Prevent Injuries

Synthetic playground turf offers a soft surface, and with added impact pads, it absorbs shock so kids have something to help cushion their falls. A more supportive playground surface reduces the risk of injuries. This is appealing to many families.

Synthetic Turf Is Beautiful

Synthetic turf playgrounds look as lush, real, and beautiful as natural grass. A consistently green and healthy-looking play area will attract more visitors to commercial playgrounds, and homeowners will impress their friends and neighbors with a gorgeous lawn.

Artificial Grass Keeps Pests Away

It’s much harder for insects and bugs to survive in artificial turf than in live grass. This means that families will encounter fewer bug bites during outdoor adventures.

Our Turf

Turf Distributors artificial grass offers superior durability and a natural appearance that makes it worth every penny to your customers. Our signature lines of premium turf serve all needs and purposes.

EvoScape™ synthetic grass features a fresh, natural look. Its unique omega- and c-shaped blades improve resilience against heavy foot traffic, so Evo grass is perfectly suited for playground turf.

The Flow series utilizes Optimum Flow™ technology, making it a popular solution for pet families. Quick and efficient drainage whisks away pet urine, eliminating the risk of lasting odors.

We also specialize in lush landscaping turf, putting greens, sports turf, and accessories like infill and weed cloth. Turf Distributors has everything dealers and distributors need to create satisfied customers.

About Turf Distributors

As the largest artificial turf wholesaler, we supply top-quality synthetic grass and accessories to dealers and distributors throughout the country. Turf Distributors offers an expansive inventory of synthetic turf specially designed for different applications, including lawn, putting green, sports, and playground turf. 

Non-stocking dealers can take advantage of our fast will-call times and next-day delivery services for qualifying orders. Our support tools for sales and marketing, such as individualized product training and a personal account manager, will guide your team toward success. 

Turf Distributors provides the products, services, and technical insights entrepreneurs need to start their own turf business. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service and the best products for your customers’ needs empowers clients to thrive in a growing market and create sustainable wealth.

Our team is ready to provide you with the high-quality products you need to create happy and loyal customers. Contact us today to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is artificial grass good for playgrounds?

Synthetic turf makes an excellent playground surface. It is soft and cushioned for impact, making it safer than many popular playground flooring materials. Artificial grass also requires minimal maintenance and withstands heavy foot traffic without sustaining damage.

Can you put playground equipment on artificial grass?

Yes! Our synthetic turf provides a strong and durable playground surface for swing sets, slides, outdoor playsets, and other playground equipment.

How long after laying artificial turf can kids play on it?

It can take weeks for natural grass turf to establish itself. In the meantime, customers can’t use it or risk ruining their new grass. When your customers install artificial grass, they can immediately enjoy their new outdoor space.

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