Artificial Turf Products for Your Home

Turf for Your Home


Improve curb appeal and increase property value with high-quality artificial grass. Synthetic turf’s low maintenance, easy cleaning, and evergreen look make it an ideal landscaping solution for outdoor or indoor space.

Homes Get Noticed with Artificial Turf

Elevate the look and feel of any home with artificial turf products. Build creative entertainment areas or improve existing ones with versatile synthetic grass options. The benefits of installing artificial turf are invaluable.

Less Maintenance = More Fun

Not only will there be more time to enjoy an almost ever-ready green area, but homeowners won’t spend nearly as much time maintaining and cleaning their artificial grass as they would natural grass. Synthetic grass is easy to clean with a stiff brush to sweep debris or soft tipped rake.

Increase Home Value

Curb appeal is a major attraction for many home buyers in the market. You can ensure that your customer’s yard will look its best, year-round with synthetic grass. Not to mention the versatility artificial turf offers to create unique and beautiful spaces.

Personalized Grass Area

Build the perfect lounging area with tall, lush grass. Your clients can entertain and play around outdoors without worrying about mud or grass stains. Or help them create the perfect field to practice and play their favorite sports in the comfort of their home. Synthetic grass can come in a variety of colors and even contain logos of sports teams, companies, and other graphic images.

Ever-Green Yard

Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass can withstand any weather conditions. It won’t turn brown in the fall or die off in the winter. In fact, it stays green year-round!

Most Common Uses of Turf at Home

Create Outdoor Dining and Entertainment Area

Enjoy the low maintenance, easy to clean features of turf in almost any outdoor area of your home. Add turf to roofs, patios, or balconies to create an oasis for lounging, gathering, entertaining, eating, and more. 

Synthetic turf can be used on concrete, tile, and a variety of other surfaces. Have a grass lawn even in areas with poor soil or where it’s impossible to grow grass. When placed on soil or gravel, artificial turf’s draining capabilities create a surface that dries faster than natural grass after a heavy rain.

Install Artificial Turf for Pool Decks

Because synthetic turf is slip-resistant and non-abrasive, it makes it a safer option for wet feet than other surfaces. Turf also provides a comfortable surface during hot months as it stays cooler longer. Turf Distributor’s W-shaped blades disperse heat and Zeofill keeps surfaces up to 15 degrees cooler.

Turf Distributor’s Optimum Flow™ technology offers superior draining capabilities that make it the smart choice for pool decks. Optimum Flow™ drains 8 times faster than other synthetic turf brands.

Private Putting Green

TD offers amazing turf products for creating a private putting green in outdoor spaces. Play on surfaces that recreate the look and feel of a professional putting green! Get better ball roll and consistent playing conditions on a durable surface.

Our Turf

Turf Distributors has curated a selection of signature turf using industry-leading technology. 

Our specially formulated Durablade™ technology provides our customers with a superior look and feel while maintaining resiliency and versatility. Durablade™ has a molecular structure with a longer carbon chain to increase durability, temperature resistance, and resilience. Durablade™ also offers a more natural grass look and feel compared to standard synthetic turf. 

Choose the perfect yard material from our line of synthetic grass.

Lawn Turf Lines

Choose the perfect synthetic grass for your lawn needs. Select a turf with stiff blades for easier cleaning up after pets. Or, choose a softer, lush grass for lounging and entertaining. 

  • Flow Series
  • So Natural Line
  • Eco Line
  • Evoscape

Putting Greens

Our putting turf smoothly covers contours and angles for a flawless playing surface. Get a consistent ball roll and play on artificial turf like the pros to sharpen your short game. 

  • Dynamic Putt
  • Eco 85 Silver Putt
  • Platinum Putt

Sports Turf

Our sports turf and accessories are designed to be aesthetically pleasing while enhancing performance. Its lush feel and specific blade construction withstands even high-intensity use. 

  • Hybrid 59
  • Agility Turf
  • Impact Pad
  • Underlayment Pad

About Turf Distributors 

Turf Distributors is America’s most trusted artificial turf suppliers. Turf Distributors leverages years of experience in the artificial grass industry to empower growth for dealers and distributors. 

We offer clients the products, resources, and services they need to capitalize on a growing market. Our expert insights and high-level services create a pathway for success while our quality turf steadily grows revenue.

Contact us today to find out how TD can fulfill the artificial turf needs for you and your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put artificial grass on top of natural grass?

Yes, using the right installing practices, artificial turf can be placed on top of natural grass.

Can you use fake grass as a carpet?

Yes, fake grass has many uses outdoors and indoors.

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