Artificial Turf for Indoor Fields

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Chances are there are organizations in your area looking to purchase turf. They love it because it’s safe, enhances player performance, and is low maintenance. Synthetic turf’s durability and versatility make it a worthwhile investment that’ll last years

Benefits of Indoor Artificial Turf Fields

Compared to other indoor field materials like wood, concrete, or tile, synthetic grass comes out on top every time.

Comfortable for Everyone

Athletes love synthetic turf’s superior shock absorption. It creates a surface that can help reduce injuries and enhance performance. Plus, you can lower the chance of turf burns with TD’s non-abrasive indoor turf products. TD’s specially formulated turf blades are less abrasive and reduce the likelihood of scrapes and scratches compared to other synthetic turf brands.

Easy Care and Cleaning

Taking care of an indoor area can take time and effort. Synthetic grass takes some of the load off with low maintenance and easy cleanup. Besides replacing infill when necessary and brushing flattened areas, artificial turf requires almost no maintenance throughout its use. Cleaning up synthetic turf is simple and easy. Quickly remove debris with a shop vac or soft-tipped rake.

Impact Pads

Help protect joints and bones with additional impact pads. Get extra shock absorption and comfort with TD’s foam pads for sports turf. Each 5mm foam pad is made from bonded foam using extreme heat and compression. The result is a long-lasting, durable foam pad to soften falls and collisions that are bound to happen.


Artificial turf remains consistent in its composition even after intense use. Ball bounces and rolls are better predicted and precise.

Different Applications for Indoor Turf Fields

Synthetic grass can be used for many different sports fields including:


Practice a consistent swing with indoor batting cages. Synthetic turf is an excellent surface for practicing hitting the ball and perfecting a swing. Trust that your turf will keep its shape and form even in high-traffic areas.


When playing football indoors, you want to provide a safe place for tackling and falls. Synthetic turf with additional padding offers a great playing field for intense use. Help clients personalize indoor football fields with team logos and graphics for a gameday feel.


Golfing is about precision. TD’s putting greens offer a consistent, smooth surface to sharpen your short game. Despite contours or angles, TD’s putt-putt turf provides an ideal surface for a precise and consistent roll. Practice like a professional and play like one, too, with TD’s high-quality putting green turf.


Soccer fields should be consistent for precision and ball control. Synthetic grass won’t develop divots the way natural grass does. Even under heavy traffic, artificial grass maintains its structural integrity for a predictable surface. Get prepared for any match with indoor grass fields.


Elevate your game with artificial turf tennis courts. Synthetic turf is a high-performing surface to practice your backswing. Our turf offers excellent shock absorption, making gameplay more comfortable and reducing the chance of injury.

Different Types of Indoor Artificial Grass from TD

TD supplies turf using industry-leading technology to create a durable indoor turf field at an affordable rate. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your client’s investment is protected by unmatched strength. 

You’ll also get a cleaner product. Our synthetic grass offers optimum drainage to keep turf dry and free from unpleasant odors. 

Ask about samples from our Sports Turf or Putting Green line to start creating a high-performing indoor field


Sports Turf and Accessories

  • Hybrid 59
  • Agility Turf
  • Impact Pad
  • Underlayment Pad

Putting Green

  • Dynamic Putt
  • Eco 85 Silver Putt
  • Platinum Putt

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Turf Distributors is America’s most trusted artificial turf supplier. Turf Distributors leverages years of experience in the artificial grass industry to empower growth for dealers and distributors. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does turf last inside?

When well maintained, synthetic turf can last up to 20 years, even under intense use. Many of TD’s products are backed by warranties to protect your investment.

Does turf get moldy?

Unlike other turf brands, TD’s turf has antimicrobial properties to prevent mold growth. Also, we offer additional padding that can help turf drain better to reduce the chances of mold in areas with frequent water use.

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